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DOTMOS » Decalon – a transmedia game


“Decalon – a transmedia Game” was developed 2010. The game initiated as a semester project in the ‘hypermedia’ course of the Intermedia Design degree program of the university of applied sciences in Trier, Germany.

The project was set for completion in 2 terms (1 year), starting with a game concept and team gathering phase followed up by a creation/prototype phase. The goal was to present a playable prototype Level of the game.

The main idea of the Prototype was to present two worlds that influence each other:

“The web world”
a place where the player takes on different tasks and solves mini games that directly influence the shooter experience. This is played in a web browser, preferrably on a mobile device like a tablet.

“The shooter world”
where the player can experienece a story driven adventure shooter, fight evil enemies and progress through the level. This is played on a pc.

The game unfolds its true magic if played with a friend (who takes on the web/shooter role) or/and with mobile handhelds.

An example:
A closed door is blocking the players path in the shooter, so he recieves the task to open it by hacking through the security system. The player takes out his smartphone that recieved the new task simultaneously and begins the mini game to get rid of the obstacle in the game. If successful the gate magically opens inside the shooter.

One year after we started working on the prototype, the WiiU was announced, which build upon the same concept of a second screen.
In 2013, Electronic Arts announced that they want to connect mobile gaming with traditional gaming in future games.
Decalon was featured in the Digital Production magazin 08/2012 and was also showcased at the FMX 2012.

What i did

3D modeling & texturing

  • screenshot02
  • screenshot07
  • screenshot05
  • screenshot04

Official Decalon Homepage