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Shade-C is an easy to use HLSL Shaderframework for the Acknex Engine. The project was started way back in 2006 and evolved quite a lot over the time (including 4 complete rewrites).
It gives the user a set of functions and shaders to easily add effects to his project.

The official git repository can be found HERE

- Deferred Rendering including one layer of transparency.
- Fallback Forward Rendering.
- Ubershader which the user can derive from to easily create custom shaders. No more need to write custom shaders from scratch.
- Physically Based Rendering
- Layered Materials
- Materials from Textures: No more subgroups needed for different materials on the same model.
- HDR Rendering
- Bloom & Screenspace Lensflares
- Depth of Field
- Soft Particles
- Reflections & Refractions
- PSSM PCF Sun-Shadows
- ESM Spotlight-Shadows

What i did

Everything except sample assets